Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithm surfaces the best candidates for your job listings. Completely automate your Resume Screening efforts,  focus on Hiring, not reading resumes.
  • Automated Scoring and Ranking of Candidates
    • Predikt analyzes resumes against job descriptions, and determines how well they fit.
    • The Predikt Score indicates the quality of candidates, instantly gives you “Qualified Candidates”
  • View Relevant Skills and Expertise
    • Get relevant Skills and Domains of expertise for each candidate.
    • Save time, view all the relevant information in a glance.
  • Social Layer
    • Get social profiles of the candidates from the web. e.g. Linkedin, Github, blog, personal site.
    • Save some google searches, everything is a click away.


Predikt - Candidate Screening

How it Works ?

  • Use our Web-based Platform:
    • Upload all your Candidates, List all your Jobs
    • Predikt automatically Scores and Ranks all the Candidates
    • Directly Email top prospects, or
    • Export Shortlisted Candidates to your ATS or Workflow
  • Use it within your ATS
    • View Scored and Ranked candidates within your ATS dashboard. Works with all the existing search filters.
    • We already are working with a few ATS partners
    • You can request your ATS to Integrate our API
    • You don’t have to use any additional tool or dashboard.


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