Supercharge your Recruiting Software with Predikt’s algorithms!

Use our AI technology to Match Resumes with Jobs, Get Relevancy data


Predikt API

Leverage the professional data of your Users or Job applicants by using  the Predikt API technology. Recruiting software makers such as Applicant Tracking Systems, Professional Networks or any web-based Job application systems can utilize Predikt to analyze, quantify and get insights for professional data of users.

The Predikt Score, is a number between 0 – 100, which determines how well the User / Candidate fits a given Job Description or Role. Our proprietary algorithms crunch professional data of users, analyze multiple signals to scientifically determine the Predikt Score. The Score is evaluated based on the Job description you create and real industry data we gather by analyzing thousands of other profiles. Some of the signals we analyze are relevant experience, reputation of past companies, career progression, skills, social data etc.

Applications of Predikt API:

  • Score Candidates against Jobs: Scores the candidate/user profile to determine how well it fits a Job description or Role
  • Score Jobs, show relevant jobs to Candidates: Evaluates and Scores the Job openings based on the profile of User or Candidate. Candidates can instantly view if they are a fit for the role or not, and can make intelligent decisions regarding job applications, thus reducing the friction in the hiring process. Try out a free demo of Predikt for evaluating user’s social web profile: